Queen Bee

Artist and mixed media painter

Queen Bee



Queen Bee Art

Queen Bee is a unique artwork created by Agnes Mclaughlin.

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Queen Bee: The story behind the artwork

"I was thinking of using tattoos to give a storyline to my mixed media girls. The bee was the start to this process, mixing collage and tattoo design. It was tricky to make a design fit the shape of the arm and at the same time rather fun. I used pastels, acrylics, collage for the headband and painted over it to make the pleats more realistic…Queen bee in honey colours.." - Agnes McLaughlin

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How this artwork was created

Tissue paper
Tissue paper and collage cutouts used to create the bees.
Inktense pencils used to create the tattoo feature and additional contours of the portrait as well as the eyes.
Dry pastels used to create the figure and face of the woman.
Use of sponges to create textured background and shadow details.
Acrylic paint
A variety of acrylic paints used for the drawing of the figure and the background of the frame.

Matte Polycotton canvas
Artwork created on a polycotton canvas. 300 GR/m2 (made in the EU)

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What's included

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Painted Polycotton canvas
The portrait is attached to the canvas which has also been painted. (Polycotton matte)

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What people are saying

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Laurence Gravelin

"Félicitations pour ce beau travail que vous accomplissez avec beaucoup de talent, vos œuvres sont époustouflantes ! les collages et peintures sont très réussies, j'admire votre technique artistique, les couleurs sont magnifiques et l'ambiance qui ressort de chacune de vos productions est exceptionnellement belle"

Monica Fitzpatrick

"Dear Agnes, Loved your site! Beautiful work.The kind of thing people in Brazil would love. Love to everybody and hope to see you all soon."

Véronique Ponson

"Le poster est arrivé aujourd’hui et comme ma fille est repartie ce matin à 6h, tu peux venir le voir! C’est très réussi! Bises"

Agnes McLaughlin

"From one Agnes McLaughlin to another, your work is beautiful!!!"

Olivier Horen

"Superbe travail de collage, je n'avais jamais vu ça...C'est impressionnant, riche, graphique...Félicitation...ARTistiquement vôtre"

Debolina Moitra

"Very meaningful painting and amazing work."

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