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Limited edition art - portrait collection

September beach girl

Her elegance and defiance says it all.


The garden of Eden and the apple of temptation.

Queen Bee

Her grace and style attract nature all around.

Extravagant hat

She awaits her manicure. The patient diva exudes confidence.

Digital prints

Coming soon..


Winter fox

Walking through the snow, the Winter fox is searching for his presents.


Sophisticated dog

A well cultured dog that listens to every word.


Mischievous fox

The cunning fox is plotting his next move.


Dog divine

Happy to be liberated from the pressures of life the divine dog is all he can be.


You can register your interest for limited edition artworks directly through this website by exploring the artwork listed above (Free shipping worldwide with DHL). Stay tuned for digital prints, which will be available from 2022.

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